Flat-felled seams by Sakura McCrystal.

Sakura McCrystal

For this garment, I focused on the concept of upcycling and recycled several old stained shirts that I found in order to create a tight-fitting women’s top. I preserved the flat felled seams found on the shirts to hint at the garment’s previous life while also adding durability for its next life. I took inspiration from Junya Watanabe’s Spring 2002 collection where he used the flat felled seams to create interesting textures and a tight fitting silhouette. I also incorporated objects typically not found on clothes, such as a bracelet to add an interesting leverage point on the garment. The pastel colours and frills give the garment a feminine and playful characteristic.

final project outcome
left side of the garment
right side of the garment
inspiration: Junya Watanabe spring 2002 , source from livingly
flat-felled seam