Fashion Forward Education

Paige Costa

Created by Ava Yeo, Zoey Zhu and Paige Costa

The ‘Fashion Forward Program’ is a not for profit, government funded education initiative, engaging the consumers of tomorrow to establish an understanding in the importance of their role and impact within the fashion industry. This will be a capsule program running in schools for 2 days for each year level involved. The program will cover the importance of shopping responsibly and supporting ethical brands, caring for your garments, and reducing consumption. It will connect children to fashion designers provided by RMIT Fashion Design University, who will teach construction, garment communication and the power of personalization. Current sustainable businesses with the existing ethical foundations will engage to provide a broad understanding of product production, disposal, consumption and the future of fashion. The program will propose the use of existing platforms to assist sustainable consumption and encourage collaborative group work and creative thinking to find solutions for the fashion paradox.