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Jarrod Koutros

Astrid Woronczak, Jarrod Koutros, Laura Epperlein.

How might we refine existing sustainable alternatives to fast fashion that are more accessible?.

Although fast fashion is extremely accessible, it’s also very unsustainable and damaging to the earth. “The average consumer is now purchasing 60 percent more items of clothing compared to 2000, but each garment is kept half as long and on average 40 percent of clothes in our wardrobes are never worn” (UNECE, 2018).

This problem can be solved if slower, more sustainable fashion options become more accessible. Some fast-fashion demographic have described the high prices and strong need to be fashionable as their key barriers to consuming ethical fashion (McNeill, L. & Moore, R. 2015). We are integrating an online rental system into a pre-existing fashion retail platform (Farfetch). This will create an affordable and ethical service that allows access to a diverse range of products, so consumers can be fashionable whilst contributing less to textile waste.