Exploring Print on Denim- Sophie Pidcock

Sophie Pidcock

For this project I wanted to re – design an old denim jacket that doesn’t get any wear. Exploring the idea of overgrown brutalist architecture. Needing to expand that idea but not sure how. To achieve the overgrown look I wanted to explore printing onto the denim with real plants from my garden. When collecting the plants I picked up both dead and alive leaves. Giving me the idea to explore the before, during and after the 2019 – 2020 fires. Exploring the overgrown brutalist architecture, connecting it to the fires. Having 3 sections of the jacket being dedicated to : Before, During, After. 

Image by Sophie Pidcock – Prototype Image – Front left before the fires – Front right after the fires.

Image by Sophie Pidcock – Prototype Image – Back During the fires.

Image by Sophie Pidcock – Inspiration Image – Taken from my trip back home from Melbourne.

Image by Sophie Pidcock – Design Development – Exploring with different paint colours, and how the leaf texture transferred.

Image by Sophie Pidcock – Detail Image – Close up of leaves before the fire.


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