Entwined // OLD & NEW

Antzela Proi

Entwined is a project that study the re-use and refashion approach with the aim to recreate from existing materials with focus on waste management. What really inspired me for this project was the assignment called Reflective journal that involved activities such as the Visual Stocktake and the creation of the tunic. Through those activities I learnt how to work with fabric remnants and use the 3D collage and patchwork technique to create one-of-a-kind garment. Taking abroad these techniques in conjunction with the garment I wanted to work on which was an old robe of mine that was worn out and was going to be discarded; that seemed impossible for me to do as I am emotionally attached to this garment. Not to mention that throwing away garments goes in opposition with my ethos and values. So, my quest was to make this garment new again and to raise its value regarding quality, functionality, aesthetics, and comfort through sustainable methods. This is also why this project is called “Entwined” because an old garment is re-used and sewn together with new and existing materials to create a unique prototype outcome.

Front, Back and Side views of the final prototype.
The fashion designer and her creations that inspired me for my project.
The development and construction process.
A close-up of the patchwork seams. I used a zig-zag machine stitch to reinforce the garment and prevent fraying of the fabric.
A close-up of the oversized hoodie.
The final prototype captured in moving image.