Chloe Hamilton-Smith

‘Embellished Flora’ is a collection of textile concepts that are using nature as a source of decoration rather than chemicals and plastic. This concept is all about going back to basics and exploring how nature can dye, print and embellish without the chemical impact. 

Taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese printing method, hapa zome, which consists of printing flowers and leaves directly onto fabric through the force of a mallet or hammer. This technique is complemented by embellishments with dried flowers, shells and embroidery techniques. ‘Embellished Flora’ explores a natural colour mood through these decorative techniques and also through natural dying. 

The natural materials I used are collected from around my hometown, Mount Eliza, a seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula. This gives the concept a sense of localism by using shells from my local beach, leaves collected from my garden or walks I have been on and some flowers from my local florist. 

Throughout the design and making process I spent my time working mostly intuitively and letting each outcome guide my next stage of the process.