DISNEY CRUELLA – Queencess Evolution

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Yemeng Sun

The growth and transformation of Cruella remind me of the protagonist in Korean drama< It’s Okay to Not be Okay> who looks cold and rebellious on the surface but is righteous and kind. She said, “In all my fairy tales, the witch is always the one that’s pretty, not the princess.” Just like the contrast that Cruella’s black and white hair shows, I wanted to blend the images of the queen and princess to create a sense of personality contrast. The project explores the idea of breaking the stereotypes through the combination of pretty queen and rebellious princess. Queencess Evolution means the combination of “Queen” and ”Princess” and evolve into a new style that blurs the boundary of personality and style. Also, convey a value that everyone has multiple sides and fulls of diversity, and we should not define or judge people from one side. Through the research on k-pop fashion and deconstructive style, combining the rebellion of punk with the gentleness of a princess. Imitate the deconstructivism by Maison Margiela in the form of the use of irregular design and contrasting fabric. The crack pattern and chains along with the use of slashing and pleating techniques to manifest the dark punk side of rebellious. While the pearl beads decoration along with voile fabric show noble and soft feminine temperament.

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Photoshoot (Front view)

Photoshoot (Back view)

Photoshoot (Side view)

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