Meiyu Wang

Mood board

My inspiration comes from the 70s punk style, especially the mental chains is my favorite which can be matched free with other garments and show their personality. Therefore, there are some holes and metal rings on my design, it can allow the customers to match their favorite chains. If they didn’t want these chains, it can be removed.

I designed a pattern on the shirt pocket, it likes the devil’s hand, and I want to use this pattern to express that people have right to destroy the traditional frame and to be themselves.

The silhouette of my design follows a wider shoulder shape and larger sleeves since I think Cruella is a strong woman and I found the shape of her clothes always looks powerful.  

And the fur also can be a label for Cruella. I was attracted by the denim material as I looked at the streetwear. Denim is durable and suitable for self-remodeling and DIY, so I cut my old jeans into many pieces and attach them to denim fabric to make the “punk fur”. In the center of this jacket, I used white denim instead of a leather belt.