Denim Patchwork with Neck Strap

Zhuoxi Jiang

The direction I have taken for this project revolves around key terms of “circular fashion”, “re-design” and “re-arrangement”. When a garment is already at our hands, we have no power in changing its ways of manufacturing and production to influence a garment’s end life. However, we have an option to redirect a linear economy model to a circular model, whereby reuse, re-design and recycle occurs after the stage of consumer usage, eliminating the necessity of extracting new resources. Hence this circular model promotes sustainability and increases the longevity of a garment.

notes from reading the environmental magazine

In extension, have pulled out bags of clothing from my closet archives and these clothes were either going to become fabric wastes or to be donated. I found multiple pairs of jeans that are no longer in style and desirable, but still in good conditions then I took the chance and selected the ones that I definitely would not go back to.

The designing process started with an idea generated from my recent online shopping experience, whereby I got addicted in leather jackets, especially the one with a neck strap, which had the punkish vibe that I was searching for. Consequently, the first inspiration I’ve got from the denim jeans is its belt part, where I saw potential of re-designing it into a neck strap with ease.

study of leather jacket with neck strap & concept illustration

The rest of the garment consists of elements from patchwork. This was inspired by one of the looks from Junya Watanabe’s collection ‘Hard Rock Romance’, whereby I incorporated the denim patchwork dress in one of my collages.

I worked in a random manner during the cutting process, and order comes in when I started the patching process since function of the garment and the seam allowance needed to be considered. I have also tried to incorporate original illustrations on the surface of the material; however, acrylic paint was not the best candidate for the effect I wanted.

The final outcome connects back to my original intent, which was to re-design and re-arrange, following circular fashion model, and I see chances of going back to this de-designed prototype in the future.

Self-conducted mini photoshoot. Camera placed on a music stand with self-timer.

Final video: