Deconstruction // Reconstruction

Daisy Toogood

My project was about ‘upcycling’ and how this can be achieved through the usage of post-consumer garments that have usually been discarded by previous owners. I used second-hand denim jeans from opportunity shops which I deconstructed then reconstructed to make this vest and top design. I wanted to keep a distressed look through the overlocking on the outside with accents of fraying which was inspired by Rei Kawakubo A/W 2011 Collection (Commes Des Garcon). I am interested in the idea of deconstruction through constructing and design of a post-consumer garment but also deconstructing and reconstructing a better and more sustainable fashion industry.

Inspiration from Margiela from his artisanal lines, Marine Serre’s Regenerated Line and images of distressed and deconstructed denim peices.
Design Development and Process
Detailed Image of the overlocked and distressed stitching
Moving Image