Debunking Beauty Myths

Veemond Khoo

By Alyse Salib, Veemond Khoo, XiaoTong Liu (Tanya)

Beauty standard myths
Distortion of beauty standards by the media

Women have always been socialised and pressure placed to uphold a certain beauty standard, that standard have continuously affect women in countless ways; whether it is the commodification of female sexuality, mental health in young women or misrepresentation of older women. Those stereotypical standards evolve into many different platforms as technology advancements grow. In today’s age where social media plays a major role in many lives, that standard is an ubiquitous expectation ingrained in culture that shaped our perception of how women should look, appear and act thus overpower women by limiting diverse expressions of gender and sexuality. The purpose of this project is to debunk the myths of beauty standards women have to uphold to be ‘beautiful’, by creating a movement which provides a social media community for women, they can be educated on how these standards came into existence and share their own experiences of what it means to be beautiful in their own terms.