Cursed Bananas Swatch

Katherine Faulkner

Katherine Faulkner s3786428

My project is a large swatch that brings together scrap fabric and unconventional materials in a fabric collage. The swatch is inspired by a Bananas in Pyjamas lace curtain I’ve had since my childhood. The design of the curtain is manipulated and changed to look like a popular online cursed image. The original curtain is also included as a backing for the swatch to that it could be used as a wall hanging. The outcome is a chaotic and unsettling design that subverts childhood television and nostalgia through ageing immortal characters. Exploring how time effects materials and media around us.

Inspiration Picture: Fabric collage image- My own photo of a fabric collage
Bananas in Pyjamas image – Amy Lyall, 2017, Bananas in Pyjamas, Photograph that’s then been edited, Kid Spot, Viewed 8 November 2020,
Design Development