Cruella x Te.sS collection

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Cruella x Te.sS full illustrated collection

Through an obsession with the worlds of cruella’s own punk fashion and my own love of camp, this collection focuses in on me blazing my own unique design trail, with my love of the extreme , the ridiculous and the colourful fashions that stand strong with fearless attitude and individuality. Combing these two unique styles with a sprinkle of the playful aesthetic of the Korean streets- my cruella collection comes to life through colour, unique silhouette and raw hand diyed textile and deconstruction processes to rock the fashion world much like cruella herself. 

Laneway Blazin- full look book style edit

My Cruella collection aims to embody Disney’s 21st century Cruella charcter vision through the fashions of the extreme and the unique through statement looks featuring spikes, hand DIY-ed textiles, crazy forms and complete and utter individual flare. Initially my exploration took me on a journey through the pages of Susan Sonatg’s ‘Notes on Camp’ and core designers- such as Jeremy Scott, that she details. Punk rock attitude, rebellion and aesthetic also drove my design process to create the clash of bold camp + daring visuals that are right at the core of my  collection. I also took visual notes from the popping colours and unique styles of the Korean streets. Clashing bold with bold, I began to design, make and draw a completely hand DIY-ed design pathway that saw me graffiti, tear, collage, deconstruct and reconstruct fabrics, illustrations and design styles into a 3 piece Cruella collection.  

Collection moodboard 1
Collection moodboard 2

This collection is shameless puts the term ‘unique’ and ‘Trail blazing’ at the forefront of how it will run the catwalks or most likely the streets with its playful, bold nature! 

Shoot set 1
Shoot set 2

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