Cruella Meets Mod.

Tess Beinssen

My evening gown design was heavily inspired by early 70s Mod fashion which later became the foundation of the punk movement. I felt that this style possessed an elegance and timelessness that translated well into Cruella’s unique and bold style. Alongside general Mod fashion, I also utilised a specific high brow Dior gown for inspiration, which used contrasting variations of the same print to provide contrast. 

I knew that in recreating Cruella, it was essential to utilise interesting visual texture that would replace Dalmatian print and provide a coarser feel to my delicate evening gown. Thus, I turned to the compartmentalized and abstracted Brutalist aesthetic that dominated 70s architecture, as I felt that the grimey concrete and harsh corners would serve as good inspiration for my design. 

My design comprises of a fit-and-flare dress and a layered capelet. In my final version,  an embroidered trim is attached around the hem of the cape, skirt, sleeves and neckline.

Some deviations from my original design were to remove the red from the print and to swap a flowing organza skirt with a structured cotton overskirt and nylon petticoat. Another touch of red was added in the form of a visible red cape lining. 

Tess Beinssen (S3787529)