Cruella – Anna & Lisa

Ka Hei Ng

Work by Anna (Ka hei) Ng & Lisa (He mei) Jiang

Inspiration board
Mostly focused on the ‘future Cruella’ and the 70s London Punk. Included Dilara Filndikoglu and Tracey Emin’s works to bring the freakiness and craziness.
Sketch for High End garment.
The designed high end look includes tight fitted vest with gathered sleeves, paired with a layered gathered skirt. The idea of using polyester-made fur is to show her love for animal fur. The concept is she loves fur, and when she was in her 20s, she was not able to purchase any real fur thus she kept her obsession for fur in her later 40s. We do understand that using polyester-made fur may still be harmful, thus we are okay with changing the fabric for the vest into jacquard knitted wool or cotton.
Front, back and side views of High End design.
Close-up shots of garment details.
Top left corner: hand drawn skirt print; hand drawn checks with black acrylic paint, to show the freakiness and weirdness of Cruella. Top right corner: safety pin closure for the vest. Bottom: hand-woven wire netting with beads; to add more structure and sparkle to the design.
Photoshot images for High end look.
The photoshot was taken in our apartment, we laid out calico and other fabric to show the feeling that Cruella is not wealthy and had to do her fashion practices at home in her 20s. The wig and the heavy makeup was used for a London Punk rebellious and free attitude. We also added a pair of lace long gloves to finish the look.
Sketch for Street wear garment.
Designed street wear look includes patched long coat. Since the blazer was hit in the 50s, we choose to create a fitted long coat with different use of print. Zebra print is used to show her love for animal fur.
Front, back and side views of Street wear design.
Close-up shots of garment details.
Top left corner: design and hand writen ‘Cruella’ print with paint marker on knitted fabric; to show her self-love. Top right corner: seam allowance on the outside as a design feature. Bottom: white marble button as design feature.
Photoshot images for Street wear look.
We also laid out tissure rolls and iron sleeve rolls to show our concept of ‘fashion practices taken at home‘.