Cruella – Eliza Pither

Eliza Pither

My printed velvet coat design was inspired by the subcultures emerging with the youth of London in the 1960s that went on to inspire the punk movement of the 1970s. I looked specifically into the mod subculture for how it embraced men breaking away from the toxic masculinity standards of the time and looking at traits and interests that were considered ‘feminine’ as being normalised for everyone. I wanted to take some of the men’s styles from this subculture, using their characteristics to inspire womenswear.

This design consists of a long coat made from a velvet which I designed the print for myself and  had printed in Melbourne. The coat features thin lapels and collar, strong hollowed out shoulder accents and is complimented by a system of belts that wrap around the body and highlight the shaping and striking lines of the coat. In my sketch the coat is paired with red vinyl heeled boots, a wide pleather choker with a buckle and some safety pin earrings.

The message of this coat is a blending of masculine and feminine styles with confidence and pride for what one believes in.

Moodboard for Cruella
Moodboard for Cruella
Sketches of my design
Fashion Illustration of design
Front view of prototype
Front view of prototype
Side view of prototype
Back view of prototype
View of hollow shoulder accent