Claudia Perez – The Sensitivity of Rebellion

Claudia Perez

Titled ‘The Sensitivity of Rebellion’, my project aims to challenge us to recognise an obscured fragility hidden within an unruly guise, and to acknowledge that things are often not as objective as they may appear. My chosen design, ‘The Rebel with a Fragile Heart’, embraces an underlying punk influence, capturing a feeling that is innately rebellious, though, nuances of deconstruction, reveal a paradoxical vulnerability that is often misunderstood or lost in facade. My garment conveys this through the authenticity and individualism of hand techniques including fabric painting, embroidery and distressing, which highlights my concept by instinctively evoking an overarching destructive aesthetic, though simultaneously creates a delicate and fragile undercurrent. The denim fabric and hardware used in the garment have been up-cycled, sourced from family, friends and community members, in an effort to implement sustainable practice and reduce waste, promote inclusion and engagement of others, as well as to emphasise the punk qualities of reinvention. My outcome hopes to depict a “princess from another planet” (Westwood, V), a Cruella who at her core is strong and independent, yet fragile and sensitive. All in all, she is creative, determined, resilient and unapologetic for taking ownership of herself and her story. 

Claudia Perez // Image 1 – Moodboard and Inspiration Imagery.
Claudia Perez // Image 2 – Illustrations. ‘I’m the Queen, I Break the Rules’, inspires themes of hope, ambition and fantasy, while ‘A Dysfunctional Expression of Authenticity’ presents gender neutral opportunities in an abstract portrayal of diversity and belonging.
Claudia Perez // Image 3 – Illustrations. ‘The Rebel with a Fragile Heart’ embraces a bold aesthetic which exposes an intrinsic sensitivity and vulnerability.
Claudia Perez // Image 4 – Final Prototype.
Claudia Perez // Image 5 – Final Prototype.
Claudia Perez // Image 6 – Final Prototype.