Christiana’s exhibition project- reworked denim

Christiana Paraskevopoulos

Detail view of patchwork
Detailed view of patchwork on arm
Prototype #1
Prototype #2
Inspiration image @robiessweater
Design development process image

With this project I wanted to create something which others in society can take concepts and do at home to their own. The garment was based off the concept of zero waste using a pair of old jeans with holes in it, and as some may call them ‘unwanted’ and ‘un wearable’. I decided to use small scraps to create my own fabric to patch work, distress and also close the holes- three methods of different degrees of difficultly for an individual to do. Alongside this I found versatility in garments important to fulfil maximum wear. This garment can worn alone, with something and in multiple ways ultimately making it a sustainable reuse design.