Lucy Elias


Over the recent years, fashion designers and consumers have become increasingly aware of the negative impacts fashion garment life cycles have on the environment. The amount of water and chemicals within textile detergents used when washing clothing and textile waste/landfill is often overlooked by consumers and is very environmentally damaging. Though over the recent years, designers have become increasingly aware of this, there remains lack of knowledge regarding sustainable and environmentally conscious garment life cycle care methods.

We have found that although various areas of the fashion industry are starting to improve their methods and processes around sustainable consumption, we feel that there is a lot more that can be done to educate consumers and reduce the impacts of fashion/textile consumption is having on the environment. 

Based in Australia, our brand ‘Care For Wear’ is a fashion consulting business that works with designers to create sustainable garment care solutions by analysing the brands product life-cycle methods. We create new initiatives for sustainable practises, reducing their environmental impact and extending their products life cycles.

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