Talia Rubinstein

By Emma Mulholland, Talia Rubinstein and Catherine Dowden

A prominent issue in fashion is the lack of clear communication around sustainability and a distinct disconnect between consumers and their garments. This app provides an alternative method to engage with sustainability, centred around education about garment care, repair and re-use.
The seamless and engaging format of the QR code will be used as the access point to production processes, appealing to a demographic that might otherwise not engage with repair and reuse methods. This digital initiative app is for communication strategies to prolong the life of garments by using transparency of production processes to ensure consumers are able to make informed decisions. By providing consumers with a methodology to form connection with, and community around their garment, the aim is to empower consumers and be part of a shift toward a more caring, engaged and sustainable mode of fashion and to further embed these ideas in everyday life.

Bridge App
Bridge App