Body, Home & Heart

Margaret Bullen

by Margaret Bullen

BODY, HOME, & HEART is an experimental project that aims to make art more accessible to everyday, ‘non-artsy’ people as a creative outlet and form of stress relief. Underpinning this work is a belief that since COVID-19 began and people were forced into self-isolation, the human population has become more concerned with health and wellbeing, valuing these things above money and power. This project encourages the participant to look around them…Which items in the home have become more meaningful since lockdown began? Which art technique or material feels the most impactful?

This project takes a process-led approach, encouraging the participant to learn, observe, recognise and appreciate what they have through the act of photographing, drawing, and painting subjects inspired by the theme, ‘body and home’. Body and home were chosen as key points of inspiration as during lockdown, many people have been focussing their attention on their home environments and physical body.

Body image can be a key driver of stress, especially for young people. By directing attention, time and love to drawing and illustrating parts of the body, the participant can develop a sense of respect and connection to their body. Through isolation, most people have been stuck inside in their homes. Again, by taking the time and energy to draw simple items from the home (chairs, lamps etc.) and connect with them mentally, the participant can learn to appreciate the space they are in, rather than feeling trapped.

The physical outcomes of the Body, Home & Heart project include repeat patterns and placement designs developed from artworks created throughout this project. Also, a Participant Workbook outlining the art-making process, and simulations of repeat designs onto stationery products. All of these design aspects, plus a short design communication video, can be viewed below.