Beauty & The Waste by Michelle Susento

Michelle Angeline Susento

Waste is still perceived as something ugly and dirty in our society. Even though nowadays there are a lot of designers that have already implemented the use of waste in their fashion practice, very few who portray the aesthetic aspect of waste without changing its real meaning. The real question is not how to change the waste into something beautiful, however, it is how to show the dirty and used aspects of waste to something romantic and beautiful.

Beauty & The Waste tackle exactly this problem in society, by creating a fashion object from Shipping and cutlery wastes without changing the artistic value each object held. Also, the background of the object and the whole mood creates a beautiful contrast to the Fashion object. Whereas the bag in the dark and used beauty and the background in the bright and cheery beauty.

The art of online shopping has replaced the necessity of shopping in itself, as well as the waste is produced, especially Polyurethane / PVC plastic materials. That is why the inspiration for Beauty & The Waste came from the excessive use of shipping packaging in this lockdown period (COVID-19). This Art Project transforms the waste we produced the most in the lockdown period into something that we use daily which is a grocery bag. Thus, Beauty & The Waste produces a new value (beauty) to the waste we produced every day.