Sang Thai

Ella De Santo

New York City is known for its hustle and bustle but the unique tranquility and modernist principles that exists amongst the chaos is left unspoken; the claustrophobic atmosphere that defines NYC masks its cultivation and evangelism of modernity. This concept writes the story of Arndorf’s Spring/Summer collection for 2021, in which they will expand into the unknown territory of evening/ occasion wear. Arnsdorf will do so while employing their ethical ethos, achieving market penetration, as direct competitors currently fail to implement adequate sustainable notions. This collective will capture the simplicity and elegance that lies in Evening wear, strip-ping away the exaggerated notions and decoration that currently saturate such market. It will portray a relaxed mood to the segment, offering versatility to the conscious consumer. Whilst Arnsdorf uses psychographics and behavioural examinations to attract the ethically aware consumer, this collection will aim to further target those with a desire for social life; inclusive to the tonalities this may preside in. This collection invites consumers to explore the ambiguity that lies in Evening wear as they feed their vicarious appetite for socialisation; embracing the new social archetypes that present them selves in a post pandemic society. The collection’s colour palette is built upon foundation colours, enriched by mood enhancing tones. The collection de-picts its own print inspired but the modern art genre of abstract art, as well as a collaboration with Melbourne Based sustainable Jeweller Pip Stent.