Sang Thai

Rachel Humphreys

For Arnsdorf Spring/Summer 2021 I proposed the creation of a Resort capsule collection. Bridging the gap between the brands sustainability ethics and Australian heritage, the visual focus of the collection is the hand-made cyanotype printed fabric made from locally found flora. Aesthetically, the collection designs take inspiration from contemporary, independent brands that challenge the boundaries of garment styling. The pieces present a youthful and modern take on the classic shapes and volumes currently produced by the brand. 

In consideration of the brands environmental impact, the textile waste generated by the garments is to be recycled back into the collection as various accessory archetypes that are unique in visual appeal yet have a classic execution.

The collection is targeted towards a youthful and mindful Arnsdorf /David Jones consumer that is interested in investing in unique yet timeless pieces. 

Whilst the general Arnsdorf consumer is identified to be between 25-45 years, I believe that the Spring/Summer 2021 Resort capsule collection is likely to attract a slightly younger demographic of 19-30 years. Although this demographic may be indirectly targeted by the brands standard collections, they are unlikely to have a high enough disposable income to afford even the most basic pieces. As the Resort collection is slightly more experimental, casual, and contemporary in its delivery, these younger consumers are more inclined to invest in key pieces that are obviously unique, yet timeless and trans-seasonal. 

To retain the customer loyalty of the older demographic, modest and more conservative silhouettes have also been incorporated into the collection, inviting these consumers to appreciate the new direction without compromising their love for the classic Arnsdorf look.