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Alessandra Rosaia, ‘Be Different denim’ series of swatches (4 total)

Within this project, I attempt to use old denim that reached the end of its cycle at the opportunity (opp) shop where they could no longer continue selling them for, they were too damaged. I have created a series of pieces that highlight my vision of the repairing and repurposing process of the denim jeans being a feature. This is so that the jeans can be personalised and embrace the story in which they hold. I wanted to keep in mind what materials I was using and attempted to consider a zero-waste result from this project.

Inspiration: Denim repair and embroidery Recourse- Pam A,’Use a simple embroidery technique to repair your ripped jeans’ 22ND OF NOVEMBER 2016, Cut out + Keep, viewed on the 13th/10/2020,
The design development image is the collage of the main pair of jeans, that is inspired via the redback spider. Embroidery is to represent the web, eggs, and colouring of the spider.
Prototype image 1: This is a back view of my final series of swatches. This includes jeans, shorts, a bag, and a headband. 4 pieces in total which embrace the repair/ repurpose process as a feature.
Prototype image 2: the front view of my series of swatches.
Detailed image: This is to highlight the inner crouch of the jeans and back detailing. I look at these jeans as the main swatch. the pilling and close random embroidery in the crouch is the repairing of the jeans, this is to represent the core of the spider nest and the eggs they lay. the embroidery to the pocket is to represent the web of the spider. the red embroidery on the pocket is to highlight the colour of the spider and an alternative way of incorporating the web into the design.

30 second video, highlighting the 4 swatches created. the shorts, the jeans, the bag and the headband which is also worn as a chocker at the start.

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