‘A textile artwork displaying recyclable flowers flowing over satin and plastic woven patchwork’

Loredana Bufalino

This work displays the arrangement of flowers flowing onto a landscape. The flowers created are all made from recyclable materials, materials such as bubble wrap, aluminium foil, rubbish bin lining, thread and other scrap fabrics. 

With the varying display in the satin and plastic, a transition takes place in the form of the artwork, with the flowers motioning onto the satin form. The positioning of the flowers creates pretentious movement, with the eye being drawn along the trail created by the blooming display. The joining of the satin and hand woven plastic iterates a change in landscape.

Textile Artwork Image 2 
Inspiration/Concept Images: Ideas and elements iterated in final outcome
Development Image: Potential research and materials that helped refine ideas for final outcome