A Dressed Crockery

Chih Ting Shung

Chiara Shung

I wanted to subtly highlight the concept of ‘waste’ by incorporating fabric waste, whilst acknowledging food waste. The motive in creating crockery, an everyday use that involves food waste, symbolises the privileges of food on our plates juxtapose to third world countries or homelessness. As we consume a heap amount daily, we also contribute to more waste than we think. Paralleled to textile waste, being grateful for the materials and resources that creates clothes on our backs; however due to the evolvement of fast fashion, the constant buy and throw cycle is inevitable. Although, my art piece may not be a functional item, I aim to reuse materials to educate and inform those thinking about future actions.

swatches of strengthening fabric samples with starch solution and pva
Ready to dine exhibition piece
Sculptured stacked crockery to exemplify beauty of layers.
Demonstrating cross and straight stitch to combine fabrics together.

Throughout my process, I allowed me to develop my own individual meaning to Boro, that also encompasses the beauty of sashiko stitching. The meaning of Boro means to repair, however, through my art-piece believes the concept of ‘connecting and coming together’. Due to the combining of layers together to reassure the strength of crockery along side sashiko stitching.