Deep Sea Dive

Poppy Somers Leave a Comment

Talking about the gradual infestation of plastic within our oceans and that is not always obvious when and where it occurs. Examining the beauty of deep sea coral reefs that are not always discussed as being affected by plastic pollution. Using found items from our daily lives, and applying them in relation to my bioplastic deep sea coral reef. Poppy …

Physiology of Emotion

Teya Griff

An exploration into the importance of the systems that keep us alive. Emotional distress creates inflammation and discomfort in the body which is magnified to the cellular level.

Lauren Bourke

Childhood Attachment

Lauren Bourke

This piece explores familial and relationship structures as a dimension of sexual exploitation and abuse through the lens of a childhood object. Textile Design Lauren Mavromati-BourkeStyling Lauren Mavromati-Bourke Model Ana Machado-CollingPhotography  Lauren Mavromati-Bourke

Abstract Structure

Li Xu

Li Xu – Abstract garment against the greens in the background, the colours, textures and pattern create a dynamic juxtaposition of what is natural and what is not and how non-organic the shapes and structures are in comparison to the body.

Behind the Seams

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JEDDA BAHLOOBehind the Seams, 20201m x 1m textile collage Behind the Seams is a mixed media textile that critiques the unethical and unsustainable nature of the fashion industry. By looking through the holes in the structured knit, the devastating reality of the 2013 Rana Plaza garment factory collapse is revealed. This piece comments on the necessity of transparency and corporate …

Body vs. Mind- Maya Madsen

Maya Madsen

Body vs. Mind is about exploring the connection between the insecurities of the body and the subconscious level of judgement on one’s self. Using various techniques to create messy but refined lines to communicate the mindset of morphing the body.


Forest Features

Lily Edney

By Lily Edney This swatch, based on the word ‘ENVIRONMENT’ explores the unique shapes found in nature that often, we overlook. Sculpting, embroidery, transfer printing, and the creation of bio-plastic sequins were used to illustrate these features.


Chloe Hurdsfield

Chloe Hurdsfield I have used a range of fabric slashing techniques integrated into a single swatch through considered graduation of layers and transitioning to create an experience through colour and line with the assistance of wadding in some areas. 


Summer Gourlie

‘HABITUATION’ explores the concealed effects of poor physical health on the mind and body through the visual stimuli of MRI and X-RAY scans //related to chronic Asthma and Migraines//.

Show texture of the piece

Elastic memories

Belamy Arce Toner Leave a Comment

Applying heat on 100% polyester fabric with thermoplastic proprieties to emboss three-dimensional shapes using a Japanese dying technique called Shibori. Giving the material texture, outstanding elasticity, and the ability to transform and adapt onto different bodies. Look at my Instagram @studio.belamy Highlights to see videos!