The offcut shirt

Kha Tran

‘The offcut shirt’ is made using the material waste from my previous projects. I used a deconstructed shirt I had from another course as a template to create the patchwork. I also used half of the original shirt on one side, the left pocket and the shirt yoke. I was heavily inspired the ‘cut piece’ workshop where we had to …

Recycled Jeans to shopping bag

Long Wan Tsoi

In general, when people think of reuse, clothes will transform them into another new garment. Although I had the same idea at first, considering that my handwork is not yet very confident, so even if I transform to a new garment, I may not be wearing it when I go out. Therefore, I just wonder why not transform it into …

Image shows a model in a facemask wearing a dress made from repurposed clothing photographed from three angles with the three views arranged around a pile of discarded clothing.

Women in future

Zhenzhen Hong

by Tina (Zhenzhen) Hong Project statement For a long time, I was attracted to the various utility uniforms I’d see on the streets (construction workers, police officers…) and I’d admire they are designed for pure functionality and how ythey evolved into a unique aesthetic on their own. Also I have a deep love for futurism, cyber-punk and a technology infused …


Zoe Crow

BY ZOE CROW HYPNAGOGIA Garment style: Dress Created from hand sewed and woven second hand bedding. HYPNAGOGIA Garment: details. Pillow stuffing created into 3D circles and spheres, covered in sheets and crochet. INSPIRATION Comme Des Garçons Autumn/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection 0

Extending the use of a garment… literally

Anjali Tulpule

My inspiration arose from the idea that we are living at a time in which clothing is becoming more and more causal. I was inspired by the idea of one piece of clothing being applicable to any time of day from lounge wear to more formal wear. At the same time, more than ever, we need to be more sustainable …

Upcycling scraps – Environmental politics

Alexandra Spring

I investigated the use of scraps and ‘wasteful’, old garments and how they can interconnect to the reuse methods of recycling and regenerating. Reflecting on past activities of the tunic creation, I am very interested in what I could create with extended planning, research and time! This idea was strongly inspired by a designer I researched for AOS1, Jonathan Cohen, …


Laura Heron

As I tuned into the profound presence of plastics around me I observed how long lasting materials are always used for single use items. I wanted to lead a project that reversed this illogical standard of material use while also adding elements of design to assist in extending the lifespan of desire towards plastic materials. I aimed to harness the …

Upcycling Scrap Materials

Niki Simos

The overall brief of my assignment was to up-cycle scrap materials, using methods of construction to create a swatch and showcase its wearability through systems of photoshop and collage. I aim to showcase that through practises of reuse, there can be beauty in waste. My swatch consists of offcuts, threads and waste materials of which I have collected over the …

Designing with Plastic Waste

Eliza Margaritis

Inspired by the large amount of plastic waste I have accumulated over quarantine, I created a garment with the aims of shifting the viewer’s mindset to view what we consider to be “garbage” in a different way. Our Earth is so extremely polluted with plastic that is disposed of after one single use, so designing with this waste creates a …