GC166 Graduate Certificate in Fashion (Entrepreneurship), GD203 Graduate Diploma in Fashion (Entrepreneurship), MC213 Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)


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Twitter streams recommended for GC166, GD203 and MC213

The department store operator reported a 12.3 percent increase in sales during the five months to Jan. 1, despite losing 27 percent of its brick-and-mortar trading days due to Covid-19-related lock...

16 hours agoBoFBoF

The fast fashion brand will be required to pay $4.2 million to the American Federal Trade Commission, resolving a complaint that the company was suppressing reviews that were less than...

22 hours agoBoFBoF

Young, wealthy professionals have flooded Miami and Austin over the last 18 months and luxury brands are following the money. But selling to a newly minted tech millionaire isn’t always so simple...

1 day agoBoFBoF

CEO Daniel Grieder breaks down the strategy behind the German menswear giant 's new brand campaign, and why he’s splitting up “Hugo” and “Boss.”

1 day agoBoFBoF

. is the latest American designer to announce that he’ll be sitting out February fashion week in New York.

1 day agoBoFBoF

Public relations in China can be a cultural minefield, but market experts warn international brands against taking a conciliatory stance every time there is backlash.

1 day agoBoFBoF

BoF compiles the most exciting career opportunities now available on BoF Careers — including jobs from Coach, Self-Portrait and Global Fashion Agenda.

1 day agoBoFBoF

Swiss watchmaker Group said it expected double-digit sales growth in local currencies this year after sales and profits recovered in 2021.

2 days agoBoFBoF

Chinese fashion retailer is reviving plans to list in New York this year and its founder is considering a citizenship change to bypass proposed tougher rules for offshore IPOs in Ch...

2 days agoBoFBoF