GC166 Graduate Certificate in Fashion (Entrepreneurship), GD203 Graduate Diploma in Fashion (Entrepreneurship), MC213 Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)


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Twitter streams recommended for GC166, GD203 and MC213

Designer Veronica Leoni will debut her own line, named Quira, on Sept. 23rd at Milan Fashion Week.

16 hours agoBoFBoF

The company best known for facial “workouts” saw its skin care business grow online during the pandemic. A new Sephora partnership aims to bring the brand to a new set of customers.

19 hours agoBoFBoF

In Episode 2 of Transforming Luxury, BoF’s new podcast presented by , we investigate what will inform the luxury product mix of the future.

20 hours agoBoFBoF

The H&M Group-owned brand is looking to regain relevance and reestablish itself as an “accessible luxury” powerhouse.

22 hours agoBoFBoF

Promoting yourself is part of the game for any celebrity. But ’s marketing chops have impressed so much that on Twitter, calls are growing for him to land a chief marketing officer gig on...

1 day agoBoFBoF

Balenciaga and Fortnite have teamed up to bring the physical and virtual worlds closer together.

1 day agoBoFBoF

Check out this week’s new partners and openings on BoF Careers, the global marketplace for fashion talent.

1 day agoBoFBoF