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"His story epitomizes what the Awá and other isolated groups went through, especially in the face of a moving frontier"

10 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

As consumers, we have the right to know the conditions in which our clothing is made and the impact they have. Hear from the industry experts about why transparency in the fashion supply chain ma...

11 hours agoFash_RevFash_Rev

The study of squid nerves has been essential to research for decades, resulting in hundreds of scientific papers—and two Nobel Prizes

11 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

A great photograph is a combination of light, composition, and moment—these go above and beyond

17 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Otters, foxes, and other wild animals appear in viral videos as cute and cuddly pets, but the reality is far more serious—and problematic

19 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Despite their fierce but honest name, cicada killers are harmless to humans—the “gentle giants of the wasp world"

23 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo