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"My goal is to increase accurate portrayals of Black Americans at historic sites and museums," says one interpreter

12 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

The ship will have the ability to take high-quality images that can be livestreamed around the world from thousands of feet under the sea

15 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Underground patches of salt water or sludge that survive today could be the final remnants of the planet’s vanished ocean, where life might have found a way to take hold

17 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Health officials raised alarms about the threat the smoke posed, which may have indirectly accounted for hundreds of deaths

18 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Fashion's waste problem is inseparable from its tendency to undervalue human labour and thrive on exploitation. If we value the people who make our clothes, and we value one another, we should valu...

20 hours agoFash_RevFash_Rev

“In a place that is home to so many lasts, the last great salmon run, the last intact brown bear habitat, so much rides on the pristine nature of the ecosystem"

20 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Sure, the chances of aliens intercepting the map are astronomically improbable—but if that did happen, an outdated map would be useless

20 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

When visiting a factory in December last year, one auditor described it as “the worst that I have seen in the UK” and warned was “a major news story waiting to happen”.

21 hours agoFash_RevFash_Rev