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Real tortoiseshell does not come from tortoises—it almost exclusively comes from the critically endangered hawksbill turtle. Here's how AI could help in the fight against the illegal wildlife tra...

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What are the laws around selling cotton crops as organic? And what happens when that cotton leaves the farm to be turned into something like a t-shirt – is it still covered by the same legal prot...

14 hours agoTextileExchangeTextileExchange

Clothes swapping can be a great way to declutter and refresh your wardrobe without impacting the planet. Check out Good On You's top five tips for hosting a successful swap:

16 hours agoFash_RevFash_Rev

Dotted across Italy, 22,000 ancient trees have gained federal protection, making them cornerstones of cultural history

17 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Also known as a puma, mountain lion, and catamount, the cougar has the widest range of any land mammal in the Western Hemisphere and can be found in a diverse range of habitats throughout the Ameri...

18 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

The 1619 Project set out to challenge historical narratives and reframe U.S. history by examining the 400-year legacy of slavery—and by making explicit how slavery is the foundation on which the ...

21 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Approaching the subject of slavery in an age-appropriate way can help children understand the full context of the institution—then and now

22 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Water monitors can grow to be up to seven feet long—and are some of the world's most intelligent lizards...

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

Scientists are starting to detect clots in long COVID patients’ smallest blood vessels—which might help explain the condition’s debilitating symptoms

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

What is the name of the earliest known Viking settlement in North America? Find the answer in the replies and learn more about growing evidence of Norse pioneers in North America with a 30-day fre...

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo