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This ancestor of bears was the size of a raccoon with the claws of a cat and really bad teeth. It’s taken paleontologists decades to untangle its identity

10 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

In some situations, they can be helpful. In others, they can lead to dangerous nutrient deficiencies or imbalances. Here’s how to make an informed decision

15 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

Humans and fish look remarkably similar around four weeks. So how does a baby go from breathing underwater to taking its first gasp of air when it’s born?

18 hours agoNatGeoNatGeo

The Department of Homeland Security is building a brand-new wildlife trafficking investigations unit—financed with a $7.5 million appropriation that will support 14 investigators and analysts

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

We’ll never know what was written on the first Vindolanda tablet found in 1973. But since then, more than 1,800 similar tablets have been found, and they’re recognized as some of the world’s ...

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

In the 1930s, a group of adventurers stumbled upon the caves of Gilf Kebir in Egypt. What they found inside sparked a scientific sensation

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

At 26 years old, Bear 399 is the “grandmother” of Grand Teton. Famed for having at least 22 descendants, she’s a big part of the grizzly bear success story in Grand Teton National Park...

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

The world’s coral reefs are suffering, and chemicals commonly found in sunscreen are part of the problem. Here’s how you can protect both your skin and coral reefs

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

An overlooked online trade for bracelets and rings made from the bowmouth guitarfish is increasing pressure on the critically endangered animal

1 day agoNatGeoNatGeo

Composite photograph of tourists visiting Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming...

2 days agoNatGeoNatGeo