❀Celine’s reuse project✿

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A few months ago my mum was throwing out 20 different old coloured t-shirts, but I saved them to upcycle for use in this degree, or as a personal side project. In this course I saw the perfect opportunity to use these colourful t-shirts to make an interesting garment for myself to wear. I began experimenting with many different iterations …

Recycled Jeans

Long Wan Tsoi Uncategorized

In general, when people think of reuse, clothes will transform them into another new garment. Although I had the same idea at first, considering that my handwork is not yet very confident, so even if I transform to a new garment, I may not be wearing it when I go out. Therefore, I just wonder why not transform it into …


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In my project, it’s focused on key terms of ‘re-design’ ‘re-arrangement’ and ‘childhood’. I had found that 85% of the textiles we buy to landfill every year, fast fashion is leading to a mountain of clothing being thrown away each year and has a huge impact on the environment. There we have an opportunity to re-design and giving it a …

Single-use garment

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To greatly establish the concept of using single use materials we’ve conceptualised illustrations through the photographs displaying the fashion pieces. With the approach of recycling and being considerate towards the environment to reflect this, the photographer use a suitable filter to help bring out the colours in the environment location we were in. The Choice of location, it additionally benefited …

The Modified Garment – Swimmer

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Madeline Gilkes I wanted to portray a flailing fish moving through the water as well as a fun day at the beach. [iframe width=”560px” height=”320px” allowfullscreen=”true” src=”https://rmit-arc.instructuremedia.com/embed/4f273f00-8e02-4b6e-b5e9-6fd3be4b2e1e” frameborder=”0″]

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VOID | AVOID … We build connections – to others, experiences and places.  Driven to explore the ‘outer’ world, the network becomes tangled and complex.  The pressure to constantly seek something outside of ourselves leaves us feeling unfulfilled. … Enforced isolation invites a path within. Lost values are revealed in the depths. New treasure maps are being written. … Void | Avoid explores connections and …

Childhood Attachment

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This piece explores familial and relationship structures as a dimension of sexual exploitation and abuse through the lens of a childhood object. Textile Design Lauren Mavromati-BourkeStyling Lauren Mavromati-Bourke Model Ana Machado-CollingPhotography  Lauren Mavromati-Bourke

Website options table

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  F&T School hub Site123 Weebly Wix WordPress.com WordPress + hosting               Summary Not a full website option, but an easy place to start if you only need a journal function. You can control the visibility of your posts, and you can export them to other WordPress installations when you leave. Very quick and …