Recycled Jeans

In general, when people think of reuse, clothes will transform them into another new garment. Although I had the same idea at first, considering that my handwork is not yet very confident, so even if I transform to a new garment, I may not be wearing it when I go out. Therefore, I just wonder why not transform it into something beneficial to me? I have always believed that only by transforming an object into something that will be used frequently can it indeed be given new value and extend the life, so this is why I choose to transform my jeans into the shopping bag I need.

This project of mine demonstrates the concept of re-meaning old materials, transforming jeans fabrics that I didn’t like into durable and practical shopping bags, thus fundamentally solving the problem of wasting old clothes and effectively extending the service life of clothes.

This bag can be fold like this when there’s less stuff.